Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Studebaker 3R Truck Update - Tires and More

For those that follow along, here's the update on our new 3R Studebaker pickup:

Firstly, my kids want to name the truck "Mater," as in "Tow-Mater," as in the Pixar "Cars" movie. I'm cool with this, though I was considering "Curtis," as in Curtis Park.

Next up: tires. I bought four new radial tires - 225 70R 16s - for Mater, which have improved the ride 100 percent.

Next in line for repair is the brake master cylinder, a new voltage regulator (so that the battery will hold its charge with the headlights running), and all of the bits and pieces related to new glass for the doors and the back window. Those parts are on order from

I've also been researching basic seat covers for the bench seat, but the fellow that made the seat covers for "Doc" (the 1950 Studebaker Champion) went out of business (despite having a live website). So, it's back to the drawing board there. Any referals are welcomed.

Despite the small fixes here and there, I continue to drive the truck to work daily. I've learned:

- In the absence of a defroster and windshield scraper, a Costco membership card removes morning frost very well.

- A choke is a magical piece of equipment.

- Don't look behind the seat unless you have an hour to kill. The former owner left many things behind the seat, which took some sorting through.

- If you need to pop the clutch, you need to be in high gear (not 1st) with a good runway ahead of you.

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