Friday, January 25, 2013

Daily Driver - Studebaker 3R Update

The Studebaker 3R is officially a daily driver. Porter Sprague installed the new master cylinder and voltage regulator, so I have brakes as well as the ability to drive with the headlights on. Woohoo!

I fixed the Harrison firewall heater myself, so I no longer see my breath while driving to work on very cold mornings.

In the beautification department, the windows are being cut and the seat cover fabric swatches are due to arrive any day. So, Truck 2.0 will have a new rubber floor mat (ordered), a new seat cover (thinking turquoise and buckskin), new windows, and a cleaner, brighter interior paint job. My Dad and I plan to scrape the floorboards and then Rustoleum the hidden bits; the same thing we did to "Doc" (the 1950 Studebaker Champion) before he got his interior.

Under the hood, the Truck will soon receive a thorough power wash thanks to a referral we picked up at the Studebaker meetup this past weekend. So, goodbye gunk and hello shiny engine and undercarriage.

The dent in the roof is the only ding that bugs me, so I might try to have it popped up without undergoing any paint or real body work.

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