Friday, August 5, 2011

Stolen 1955 Studebaker President - Sacramento, CA

Our dear Sacramento Studebaker (Karel Staple) Chapter member Stan H. passed away a short time ago. Adding to his family's grief is the theft of Stan's 1955 Studebaker President. Someone broke into Stan's garage and stole the car! If you see this car anywhere, please report it to your local police and cc:


Make: Studebaker
Model: President
Doors: 4
License Plate: EHH525
VIN: 7808209
Colors: Sea Foam Green and White

*** UPDATE ***

WIth help from the owner's son-in-law, who scoured Craig's List, the owner's tools and the 1955 President were found. The thieves were arrested and half the tools and the car were recovered. The car repairs will be covered under the homeowner's insurance policy.


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