Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Quest to Keep Studebaker Alive in Payson, Arizona

Such a cool article. I'm headed out to buy the hard copy version!

"I have a phrase, ‘You can drive a Studebaker forever.’ My lifelong ambition is proving that’s true."

"During his 31-year career as a jet- and industrial-turbine repairman, Ken Michael started collecting, driving, and restoring Studebakers as a hobby.

Michael fell hard for the styling of the Raymond Loewy–designed Studebaker Starlight coupe he bought in 1959, as well as the six other Studebakers in his collection. After retiring in 2002, he expected to split his time between fishing and restoring his cars. But people with Studebakers started calling him to fix their cars. The Studebaker needy kept piling up; last summer, Michael hired two technicians to help him with the seven customer cars he’s restoring. For each job he takes, he has to turn down two. We visited his shop in Payson, Arizona, to find the secret of his prosperity."

Click here to read the full article and to see the photos on Car and Driver's website.

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