Monday, December 6, 2010

"Old People Driving" Documentary - Studebaker

This film looks amazing.

"Shaleece Haas heard her grandfather tell the stories for years. How Milton Cavalli first drove a car, at age 9, in the 1920s. How he worked hard stacking wood to buy a car from an uncle at age 13. How the yellow Studebaker he drove across country, decades later, was mistaken for a cab when Cavalli tried to pick up Haas' grandmother at a hotel in New York."

"Haas documented her 97-year-old grandfather and 99-year-old Herbert Bauer as they struggled with the decision about whether they were too old to continue driving. In the film, Haas accompanies Bauer on his final spin as a driver. Cavalli, who owns three Model T's and a Saxon, is still behind the wheel."

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See the trailer below.

Old People Driving trailer (1:30) from Shaleece Haas on Vimeo.

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