Monday, November 2, 2009

Reiff's Gas Station - Woodland, CA

I picked up a business card for Reiff's Gas Station at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento, California. I was amazed by Reiff's website and now must book a tour. A bit about Reiff's:

"Mark started his collection with the purchase of a 1930's Wayne Gas Pump at a neighborhood garage sale. Since then he has added a Diner, Barber Shop, Gas Station, General Store and Old Time Movie Theater."

Click here for a photo of a Studebaker "bulletnose" at Reiff's. It's sad to see the nose up on the wall, but better there than rotted out in a field.

Visit the Reiff's House website.


Anonymous said...

Drove almost two hours to see this place. The owner was terribly rude to us. It was a real waste of our time. I can not recommend this place.

Jersey2J said...

That's really unfortunate. We toured as a group, so perhaps Reiff's was willing and prepared for us that day.