Friday, November 13, 2009

Mathis Motors Building - Studebaker Dealers

“This building has more emblems in better shape than any other former Studebaker dealership in the country.”

"The building, still in a remarkable state of preservation, was meant to look like a church – a huge open space with a high ceiling, sconces and chandeliers. And on the back wall, high above the sales floor, was one of the Mathis brothers or sons at a desk, ready to sell Studebakers to the “worshippers.”"

"And sell they did. After supervising the construction of the building in 1926-27, the Mathis brothers and their sons won silver trophies for outselling all other dealers in their category (determined by population). By 1953 the dealership had delivered 8,000 units."

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I'm simply astound of this discovery. Thanks for posting!