Monday, October 26, 2009

Studebaker Champion Taillight Bulbs

Sometimes the simple things are incredibly comforting. After years of "the big stuff," repairs on our 1950 Studebaker Champion seem to be settling into a "maintenance mode." Now, maintenance on a 59 year-old car includes a head gasket and what could be seen as major part reconditioning.

But then there are days like this, when a simple bulb replacement is ... as simple as replacing a bulb. A & E Auto Parts in Sacramento, CA, is THE place for 1940 and better basic car parts. A & E had the 1158 and 1129 bulbs that Kragen and AutoZone did not - complete with a fancy, old-school cardboard bulb holder.

Note: these bulbs are for 6 volt systems. Our 1950 Champion has a 6V, positive ground system.

See a 1158 miniature bulb.

See a 1129 miniature bulb.

FYI, if you want to identify your stop light switch, I received this advice from StudeRich on the SDC forum:

"If your car has TWO female PUSH-ON terminals on the wires to connect to two (bullet type) male pins on the switch, it takes the 666858 switch. Or, you could ask for a 1962 Ford Truck hydraulic type stop light switch at your local Auto Parts Store. They fit most ANY pre-'65 or so U.S. car!"

Until next drive.

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