Friday, October 2, 2009 DOTS: Two Studebakers. We Can Do Better.

This is a rallying cry. publishes a feature named "Down on the Street" (aka DOTS). The DOTS articles highlight unique, classic, venerated, adored ... any vehicles worthy of discussion. And of the 200 DOTS to date, only a Lark VIII and an Avanti have been featured from the Studebaker bloodline.

While I love both the Avanti and the Lark, Studebaker owners need to show the breadth, depth, and engineering excellence of the Studebaker name with a few more Studes. Let's get a Speedster DOTS. I'm considering a trek from Sacramento to the Alameda with our trusty '50 bulletnose Champion.

Anyone else "in"? And hopefully, geographically closer?

See all 200 cars recorded in Jalopnik's feature, Down on the Street.

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