Monday, October 5, 2009

Bengies Drive-In Theater

A great little story about keeping the drive-in theater tradition alive.

"Vogel has spent most of his life trying to maintain the feel and charm of the Baltimore, Maryland, drive-in movie theater that his family opened in 1956. Vogel wants moviegoers to have the same experience as he did when he went to his family's outdoor theater as a child, although he knows that people today have many more entertainment options."

"At Bengies, each night is a double feature, so guests can see at least two movies for $8 a person. Vogel estimates that Bengies makes 60 percent of its revenue from ticket sales, and the rest comes from concession purchases. There's a strict "no outside food" policy, and he's open about the fact that the food sales help keep the business open."

Read the full story of Bengie's Drive-In Theater on

See the website for the WestWind drive-in theater in Sacramento, CA.

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