Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SASCO Era Ends - Studebaker Auto Parts Treasure Trove

"More than one million Studebaker parts hit the auction block Tuesday as the assets of Studebaker Autoparts Sales Corporation, or SASCO, were bought out by South Bend based Teacher's Credit Union."

"Tuesday's sale marked the end of an era in South Bend, as TCU became the sole bidder on what South Bend city leaders described as more than a million dollars in SASCO assets. SASCO moved into the former Studebaker Engineering Building 92 nearly a decade ago, after many years of sales on the other side of Sample Street."

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They Might Be Racing said...

Whoa! I need to leave my cave more often. So SASCO is no more? What's going to happen to the parts? Any word as of yet?


Jersey2J said...

No final word yet, Jody, but there is a lively thread on the SDC forums discussing the topic under "General Studebaker-Specific Discussion."


Jersey2J said...

The word is that Studebaker International bought the parts trove and is figuring out, logistically, how to move everything.

Carl at Studebakers West said to be wary; SASCO had a nice collection and there simply isn't much original sheet metal left out there. Buy now was the advice given to me.

sewing said...

I don't understand what to say.. is SASCO no more? what's going to happen to the parts then?

Jersey2J said...

It's said that Studebaker Intl. plans to buy the parts. For now, the Teacher's Union owns them.

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