Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1965 Studebaker Commander

Here are the last of the shots from the Studebaker exhibit at the California Automobile Museum. The exhibit runs through June 30. This 1965 Studebaker Commander had some interesting design lines that were tough to capture in these images.


Jon said...

Like that Commander? That's my car! Crazy that I was just doing a random stude search and found this page with pics of my car from the exhibit!

They messed up a bit on the writeup they did for the car. They wrote that the last studes rolled off the line in '67, and stude-aholics can tell you that is incorrect. Also, they wrote that my Commander had a 327, when in fact it had the 283. I understand that mistake though, as the valve covers were from a vette engine with a 327. I wish it had a 327!

She's a work in progress, but right now the exterior is looking pretty good, and I just need some interior work done. And she runs like a champ! It's a daily driver that has had a lot invested recently to get it in tip-top shape, but it's worth it. Also just got some custom plates for it too. Very nice!

You mentioned it was hard to take a good look at the Commander in those pictures. If you are interested, I have more pictures I could send you. I'm proud of my stude and will take any opportunity to show it off!

Jon said...

Almost forgot... Email me at if you have any questions about the stude or just want to check out some more pictures!