Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post-War Car By Far - Studebaker

The Canadian National Post has a very brief op-ed about the history of Studebaker - noting that Studebaker entered the automobile business with an electric car in 1902.

"Styling remained unchanged except for trim and grille treatments until 1950 when the "bullet nose" models arrived. By this time, the rest of the industry had caught up, and Studebaker no longer held the styling advantage.

In spite of some excellent designs such as the Hawk series and the futuristic Avanti, Studebaker suffered the plight of other independent automakers and disappeared from the scene in 1966. It built its last cars in its Canadian plant in Hamilton, Ont.

But for those few years following the Second World War, the audacious little company from South Bend had led the industry in styling."

Read the National Post Op-Ed about Studebaker here.

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