Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Studebaker - Avanti - Sketches

There's a good overview of the Avanti on Forbes.com. Raymond Loewy's sketches for the Avanti design are worth a cruise - and interesting in retrospect.

"Loewy's cars were always a bit more interesting to look at than what the competition was building. With the Avanti, Loewy saved the best for last, and despite its low volume and the subsequent demise of Studebaker, it was a car that came to influence almost every modern automobile from 1961 to today.

It had no grille (the air intake was hidden underneath the front bumper), exceedingly short overhangs for its day, was bodied in fiberglass, and heralded the wedge-shape aerodynamic design that more or less has been with us ever since."

See the full article on Forbes.com.

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