Friday, January 16, 2009

1950 Studebaker Champion Windows

The u-channels that we ordered from Studebaker International are not OM/NOS (we knew his going into it); they are reproductions that are a bit more rigid than we'd prefer. In fact, when bending one of the rear window channels we separated the chrome from the channel, and it's nearly impossible to re-crimp the chrome stripping onto the cloth channel. The solution may be to re-order NOS back window channels from Studebakers West in Redwood City, California.

In addition, the window project hit another snafu when we found that two of the windows had minor cracks. We ordered new glass from Classic Flat Glass in Placerville, CA. You can see that one need begets the next, and as usual, we're at double the original job estimate.

However, the most disappointing result of the parts delay is that we're out of driving commission until next week - missing a beautiful weekend of 65 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny... in January!

Here's something to keep our chins up:

Until next drive.

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