Friday, December 19, 2008

Roger Ebert's Journal - Studebaker Golden Hawk

There is a fantastic editorial on the Chicago Sun Times website by Roger Ebert about his Studebaker Golden Hawk. An excerpt: "They say that when a man reaches 40 and finds some spare change in his pocket, his thoughts turn to the car he desired with all his heart in the years before he got his driver's license."

Amen. Read the full article here.

My comment to Mr. Ebert:

Thank you for the amazing journal article Mr. Ebert, and thanks to the readers for the equally indelible comments and web links.

I'm 36 years-old and our 1950 Studebaker Champion binds my Dad and me. It's a joint project that has clear outcomes; you fix it and it purrs; you drive it and see the world; you care for it and the car smiles. It moves you whilst parked (metaphorically).

A Studebaker automobile is unmistakable, and my in mind, unrivaled. Once you drive a Studebaker and take in the sounds, the mix of fresh air and American innovation, you can't shake it... you've been had.

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