Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Official Petition - Studebaker - Pixar's "Cars 2" Movie - Update

Updated 11/24/08 - We now have more than 150 signees on the petition!

Sign the Official Petition to lobby for a Studebaker in Pixar's "Cars 2" Movie.

A sequel was announced for a Summer 2011 release of Pixar's "Cars 2." Pixar's John Lasseter commented "the Cars are going international" in the sequel, but there's no reason that a Studebaker - an American icon and one of the first electric cars (1902) - shouldn't be included in the new film.

Sign the petition.

Read the forum thread on the SDC website.

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National Transport said...

Thanks for posting this- I think you're absolutely right that it should be included. I'll be sure to pass this along!