Sunday, September 21, 2008

Studebaker Radio Retrofit

Ray's Auto Stereo in Sacramento, CA, did a bang-up job retrofitting the Studebaker-Philco S-5130 radio.

The radio fit snugly into the dash  after some minor machining work. The face of the radio looks 100-percent authentic, while the guts of the radio feature:

- A two-way 6" x 9" car speaker
- Recessed amplifier
- MP3 jack input
- Wiring to a 12-volt battery nested in the trunk; with a custom charging jack

The Studebaker is a 6-volt positive ground system, so instead of switching to a 12-volt system or using a series of converters, we decided to run wire to the trunk where the new large motorcycle battery is secure in a case.

The system provides great sound - without messing with the integrity of the 6-volt system.

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