Thursday, August 14, 2008

1951 Studebaker Champion Business Coupe Restoration

I stumbled upon a well-documented restoration of a 1951 Studebaker Champion Business Coupe. This article is a great reference from those doing a frame-off or in-situ/frame-on restoration. The restorer/owner did a great job of providing plenty of pictures; simply click on each section in the article to view the images.

1951 Champion Business Coupe
Model: 10G-Q4 #1219 of 2429 Vin: G1050198

"The roof area was covered with an aluminized bubble wrap like material with about 1/4" thickness. This was glued to the roof with 3M 777 Spray Adhesive. For the headliner fabric, I went with a cool grey vinyl instead of cloth. It will last longer and be easier to clean than a fabric."

Click here to see the final Studebaker restoration.

Click here to read the full article.

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