Monday, July 14, 2008

Studebaker Champion Radio - Philco Model S-5123

I read that a Studebaker Drivers Club member was going to crush a '50 Champion that was too far gone. The Stude's viable bits were available for sale, so I picked up a wiper knob and a Studebaker Philco Model S-5123 radio in non-working order. I plan to bring the radio to Ray's Auto Stereo in Sacramento, CA to see if they can revive the classic radio. Ray's specializes in 1930s and later classic radio restoration and repair.

If there's no way to bring the radio back to life, I'm going to strip out its innards and install an amp, speaker and MP3 jack - maintaining the original aesthetic while updating the radio for conventional use.

Photos from The Village Peddler of Hixton LLC.

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