Saturday, June 21, 2008

1950 9G Studebaker Champion Engine

We were told that our '50 Champion had a '53 engine. I finally checked the engine number, 536180 (with a #2 below it), and it looks like the engine belongs in a 9G '50 Champ - our car. Any guidance or clarification is appreciated.

Update - This from Dwain G. on Google Groups:

"At the very top, front, left (driver's) side of the engine block is a smooth machined pad about 1/2" tall by 2" long. Find that area and clean it off with a putty knife, wire brush, sandpaper, whatever and tell us what you find there. There should be no real difference between a '50 and a '53 engine, but a lot of differences from '55-on."

See a listing of Studebaker engine numbers at the SDC website.

I'll inspect my engine this week. Until then...

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