Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Studebaker Car Design - Loewy and Exner

Most attribute the Studebaker Champion's styling to Raymond Loewy.

From the NY Times: "According to Mr. Grist’s book, Loewy finally went to South Bend in mid-1944 to show designs for what would become Studebaker’s first postwar models. The company also asked Exner to display his backup models. When the company chose Exner’s designs instead of the boss’s, Loewy reacted by firing Exner.

Studebaker hired Exner on the spot, and made him chief of styling — and told Loewy he would have to work with Exner. Exner hired a star-studded staff, including Bob Bourke, who had worked for Sears in Chicago, and Gordon Buehrig, the great stylist for Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg."

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