Thursday, February 21, 2008

1950 Studebaker Champion Photographs

Below are a few photographs of our 1950 Studebaker Champion. Additional high-res pictures are located here.

My Dad and I, two car lovers with zero car repair experience, took on "Doc" in December 2007. Named "Doc" by my four year-old daughter [in honor of the Fabulous Hudson Hornet in the Pixar movie, Cars] this '50 Studebaker Champion is a true labor of love. More than just metal and grease, Doc is a place where my Dad and I can talk about his childhood, parenting, and the complexities of life in the '00s.

If you have a Studebaker story, send it to me at jason [at] jasonmichaels [dot] com and I'll publish it on this blog.

"Thank you" to Heidi for sharing this project with readers.

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dana said...

I'm not a car person, meaning that all other autos from my childhood are anonymous to me, except my uncle George's Studebaker. I always thought it looked like an airplane that the wings had fallen off of. I have fond memories of the summers spent with my cousins and our travels in the Studebaker. We didn't go far, church, picnics, usually we rode our bikes or walked, but I'll always remember sitting in the back seat of the Studebaker. I can smell it and feel the prickle of the plasticky woven seat, maybe it was horsehair stuffing, poking through into my bare 6-year old thighs. I couldn't see over the front seat and we drove with the windows wound down. Good warm memories......